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As per the Government of the Republic of Sierra Leone guidance, this Securipass platform has been designed to facilitate your security fee payment of $25.00 (575,000.00 SLL) (credit/debit card fees not included) to each departing from or arriving passenger to all international airports. Starting Friday July 1, 2022, Securipass will allow you to seamlessly pay the security fee required to exit and enter the borders of the Republic of Sierra Leone. 

Each passenger entering or exiting all international airports in Sierra Leone will have to pay the Security fee necessary to ensure airport safety. The Security fee will allow the authorities to utilize cutting-edge border control technology tools to ensure the safety of passenger, airports installations, and other airport related hardware and equipment.

Securipass serves as your travel payment platform to ensure the airport ecosystem is safe and secure. 

It is very important to specify the correct passport number in the “Travel Document #”-field. It should be the passport number of the passport that will be presented to the Sierra Leone authorities. You will use your passport as proof of payment as soon as you reach the airport. The paid fees are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Thank you for using our service.

The following groups are the only people who are exempted from paying the fee:

– Members of Government of Sierra Leone Presedential Delegation
– Members of Foreign Presedential Delegation
– Foreign Diplomats, in line with Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, 1961
– Airline Crew on Duty
– Infants (children under 2 years)
– Transit/transfer passengers within 24h
– Passengers from involuntary rerouting, e.g. due to technical problem or weather condition

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