Terms of Use and Disclaimer

1. Specific Terms of Use of this Policy:
Under the “terms of use” of this Policy, the traveler, as end-user, has fully agreed to comply with and be bound by the contents of this Policy, including the conditions outlined above and the terms of use outlined below. The traveler is thus requested to carefully go through the terms of use below in order to provide the necessary information or data required of him/her accordingly.

a. Who owns the Travel Portal or Platform and How does it Operate?
The Travel Portal or Platform, though managed by, is in fact owned by the Government of Sierra Leone, which has fully authorized to set the said Portal or Platform up and manage it for security and safety reasons. The Travel Portal functions as real time electronic processing system between Government Authorities and the traveler or end-user. The Portal therefore ensures that transactional interface between Government (acting through its designees, in this case and travelers is maintained and upheld at all times. It is the Government of Sierra Leone’s sole responsibility, working through its designees or authorized persons or agencies, to develop and maintain relevant information on web pages and back-ends regarding external travels, and to make available any information required during the provision of travel services to travelers and end-users.

b. Lawful Use of the Travel Portal/Platform:
You should only use the Travel Portal or Platform for lawful and official purpose, and in a manner that does not infringe the rights, restrict, inhibit or interfere with the enjoyment and use of the website or link by other end-users or third parties.

c. Right to make Changes: may revise this Policy from time to time; and as and when such revision is made, the revised version of the Policy will be posted on its website or link. Kindly note that changes are effective when posted accordingly and that it is the responsibility of the traveler to read this Policy from time to time in order to keep abreast about any changes. may, as it may deem fit and if the traveler is a registered user, notify him/her about any change(s) through the email associated with the traveler’s account or via SMS. By continuing to access and use the Travel Portal or Platform after the changes to it shall have become effective, the traveler correspondingly agrees to be bound by the revised Policy where applicable.

d. Compliance with Regulations: shall, in adherence to its self-regulatory and other frameworks, frequently review compliance with its Travel Policy. In doing so, shall work with other regulatory authorities/bodies to resolve any problematic complaint on a personal data.

2. Disclaimer:
All travelers are requested to read the notices below before using the Travel Portal or Platform in order to fully understand the limitations and scope of’s responsibilities therein:

a. General disclaimer:
To the extent that undertakes that it has arrived at the contents of its Travel Portal or Platform from reliable sources, is, however, not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for results obtained or consequences arising from use of the Portal.

b. Travel Portal or Web-Links disclaimer: further hereby states that it does not have control over the nature, contents and availability of the links to the backend systems associated with its Travel Portal that are managed by departments and agencies of the Government of Sierra Leone for security and related reasons. The links to such other systems or websites are made for accessibility only and do not necessarily constitute endorsement by of their contents.

c. Payment Disclaimer:
Payments by traveler’s for’s services may be made through various payment modes, including mobile payment systems, credit and debit cards as well as via an m-visa system to be hosted by’s designated banks. Payment Gateway or Internet Banking service, when made available to the traveler, shall be done with the object of facilitating quick access to such payment services remotely. therefore makes no representation of any kind, whether express or implied, about the operation of such Payment Gateway or Internet Banking service. The traveler thus expressly agrees that the use of an online payment service is entirely his/her responsibility as well as his/her banker.

The traveler similarly undertakes that the banking details from any debit or credit card provided by him/her for use of the Payment Gateway or Internet Banking service are accurate, and the traveler shall not use a debit or credit card not lawfully owned by him/her.
If the traveler uses’s services to pay his/her travel security fee, the Portal or Platform will retain log files in relation to who applied, when, how much was paid and how the payment was made; but the Portal or Platform will not retain personal identification numbers (PINs) or passwords used by payment processors, nor any other personal data used for identification or verification of the end-user on the Portal and related servers or storage devices, except with the express written permission of the traveler or end-user.

9. Refunds to Travelers:
Upon the notification made to by a traveler or end-user of a valid refund in line with applicable laws and regulations, shall, after appropriate verifications, promptly pay such refund to the traveler or end-user. Subject to law, the total liability of and its subcontractors for any claims by travelers or end-users under this scheme, including for any implied warranties or covenants, is limited to the amount paid for the services on the Portal.

10. Third-Parties, Agents and Affiliates of
As noted earlier, shall use several third-party service providers in providing services to travelers and end-users, including agents, internet providers and bankers. There is no extra cost (excluding bank charges) imposed on the end-user for use of the services available on the Travel Portal or Platform apart from the fixed fee displayed on it. will, however, not be liable for any misuse, loss or damage arising from or regarding such third parties, whether such damage is consequential, special, exemplary or punitive, compensatory, direct or indirect; and whether the damage relates to loss of data, loss of income or profit, loss or damage to property, or other claims by third parties.

11. Virus Protection: undertakes to regularly check and test materials used on its Travel Portal or Platform in order to ensure safety and security of the end-users. It is, however, also in the traveler or end-user’s interest to run an antivirus on all materials downloaded from the internet or related system. shall not take or accept responsibility for any loss, disruption or damage to any of the traveler or end-user’s data or computer system which may occur whilst using materials from its Travel Portal or Platform as well as the other linked-in Government websites. takes necessary precautions to maintain the security, confidentiality and integrity of the information it collects through the use of its Travel Portal. Such measures include access controls designed to limit access to information within the requirements of law and order. Security technologies shall thus be employed to protect the information stored on’s systems.

12. Governing Law:
The contents (terms and conditions) of this Policy and’s Travel Portal or Platform and any obligations arising out of or in connection with them shall be governed by and construed or interpreted in accordance with the Laws of the Republic of Sierra Leone. Any dispute relating to, arising from or connected with the use of the Travel Portal or Platform by any traveler or end-user shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

13. How to contact regarding Questions and Comments:
For the traveler’s questions, comments and enquiries, kindly contact using the Contact Us page.