Privacy Policy

1. Introduction:
This information is to assist all travelers (end-users), travelling both into and out of Sierra Leone’s International Airport at Lungi, understand and become committed to’s Travel Policy governing entry into and exit from the said International Airport. This data has been developed to protect the privacy of its users as well as to ensure the security of every user’s data. Your privacy and security to ensure smooth and safe travels are therefore’s priority at all times!

2. Obtaining Private Information on the Travel Portal or Platform:
This Policy is designed to inform travelers about how uses and protects their personal or private data made available to through its travel Portal or Platform, to ensure that travelers fully comply with all security and safety measures required to travel into and out of Sierra Leone. This Policy conforms with the Laws of the Republic of Sierra Leone on the requirement to protect every traveler’s personal private information and data when traveling. It is not part of’s Policy to coerce or involuntarily require a traveler to provide his/her personal information or data to it for verification or confirmation; hence, only private or personal information voluntarily provided by a traveler shall be collected and used by

3. How does use the Information it collects on the Travel Portal?
Again as a general rule, does not collect personal data about the traveler when he/she visits its travel Portal or Platform without the traveler voluntarily providing his/her personal data or information to By submitting personal data or information to, the traveler is in fact permitting to use the data or information for the services requested.
As a policy, the personal data made available by the traveler to helps it to provide the security services requested of it by the Government of Sierra Leone and other international stakeholders, including third-party security services providers as well. may thus share the private information provided on its travel Portal/Platform with government institutions, ministries, departments and agencies, as well as with other third-party security services providers abroad, all in the performance of the company’s official duties as a security sector service provider.
However, undertakes not to share or transfer the traveler’s personally identifiable information or data to non-third party security services providers or any other third party, public or private, not approved and recognized by the Government of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

4. Requirement for the Provision of Accurate Information on the Travel Portal:
In view of the seriousness that the Government of Sierra Leone and attach to every traveler’s personal information and data made available on its travel Platform, it is essential that the traveler, by all means necessary, avoids or refrains from making or providing any inaccurate or false information on the travel Platform or Portal. False or inaccurate information shared on the Platform may result in refusing to process the traveler’s data/information for onward travel, and may as well lead to him/her being investigated and prosecuted for criminal offences in Sierra Leone., however, assures that every information or data provided on its travel Portal will be secured from loss, misuse, unauthorized access/disclosure, alteration or destruction.

5. Management of Cookies:
Cookies are defined as pieces of information generated by a webserver and stored in the user’s computer, ready for future access. Cookies make use of user-specific information transmitted by the webserver onto the user’s computer so that the information might be available for later access by itself or other servers.’s travel Platform does not use cookies to identify users. The travel Platform/Portal shall therefore not install authentication cookies or similar cookies on an end-user’s device, which could be used to identify the end-user’s financial details, except with the end-user’s express written and voluntary permission. Thus, if the Platform/Portal requests the traveler to provide his/her personal information, the traveler will be informed of the particular purposes for which that information is collected, used and/or disclosed as the case may be.

6. Duration and Protection of Traveler’s Data from Loss, Misuse and/or Alteration:
Also, any personal information or data collected from the traveler will not be kept longer than is necessary by, and will be deleted once the feedback requirement is met. Adequate security measures have been already taken by to prevent the loss, misuse and/or alteration of every traveler (end-user)’s personal information.